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Wages for Housework
“Strikers negotiating with employers know that, if they hold out for too much, scab labour will be found to replace them. An individual woman refusing to marry, live with, cook for, or become pregnant by, a man who will not agree to share domestic responsibilities, is on her own with the knowledge that he may find someone more pliable.”

1984 Came And Went Based on a talk given at the University of Alcala, Spain in 2000, and first published in The Road From George Orwell: His achievement and Legacy edited by Alberto Lazaro. (Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang AG, 2001.)

Memoirs of a Faith Based Education “I had a faith-based education. The trouble was, I never knew which faith”.

The Nun’s True Story
Marie Louise Habets was the real woman behind the fictional Sister Luke played by Audrey Hepburn in the Fred Zinneman film The Nun’s Story.
Kathryn Hulme was her friend and partner who told her story.

Reviews from

The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances-White

Not Working by Lisa Owens

Other Reviews

Letters to Charlotte by Caeia March

Storage Stories by Jim Bob


Interview with Sue Townsend
“I used to think, oh my God, one day I’ll read the Manchester Guardian, and understand it.”

Interview with Gyles Brandreth
“I am instinctively a Conservative. The very fact that you query me on my view on policy, shows that possibly you are not a Conservative. It’s a mark of me being Conservative that I do not have enormous views on a great number of things. That to me is what makes a Conservative attractive.”

Interview with Carol Ann Duffy
“Poetry is language’s human smile against death’s darkness.”

Interview with Paul Torday
“Drug companies are always accountable to their shareholders. So there is this drive to get people to consume more drugs. And I find that quite sinister.”